Thursday, 6 June 2013

England Lure Squad to be announced shortly

After weeks of anxious waiting, the day of reckoning is almost here. Tomorrow (Friday 7th June) is the last day to register your interest in being part of the England squad. This can be amailed to Sandra Drew of the Angling Trust, or directly to myself at
This weekend will see me working through the list of interested anglers to select a balanced yet experienced team; whilst still offering the chance for our younger anglers the chance of future development within Team England.
Whoever gets the official nod of approval will I am certain represent England to the best of their ability, and will prove worthy opponents to the many other anglers representing their respectivve nations this October.
Its not going to be easy selecting just who gets the chance to wear the coveted 'Three Lions' on their chests, but its a job I'm really looking forward to. A huge amount of thought has gone on into setting out the standardsand key elements around which the team needs to be selected. Whilst some will be ecstatic at being selected, there will be those who just miss out on selection. For those unlucky enough not to get the nod, I can only apologise and wish them better luck for next year when we will be facing a different water and different conditions.
Keep your eyes peeled early next week to see who has made the squad.